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An exclusive mountain experience: hiking in Lech am Arlberg

Your active holiday at the four-star Hotel Tannbergerhof

Many-coloured Alpine flowers, clear mountain lakes and beautiful hiking paths – all the necessary ingredients for a magnificent summer holiday in Lech am Arlberg. Lech am Arlberg is a diverse area offering numerous opportunities for your hiking holiday in the Vorarlberg Alps and the Arlberg region. You will find everything from pleasant strolls and leisurely hikes to ambitious mountain tours, along with excellent golfing facilities.

Fresh mountain air and incredible hiking opportunities

Enjoy natural pine forests and magnificent views while hiking on the Arlberg
Spectacular Alpine panoramas while you hike

Enjoy a break from the stresses of daily life, breathe in the fresh mountain air and take a hike in perfect harmony with nature. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or an ambitious peak climb, the Arlberg has something perfect for every taste.

Feel the fresh energy of summer and enjoy an unforgettable hiking holiday at our four-star hotel in Lech am Arlberg.

Secret tip: not for nothing were the Formarinsee lake and Rote Wand mountain featured on the Österreichischen Rundfunk (ORF) television programme "9 Plätze – 9 Schätze" (9 places – 9 treasures) in 2015, where they were listed among the most beautiful places in Austria.

Fancy a hiking holiday?

A hiking holiday near your hotel

The Lechweg path – from the spring to the falls

From Lech to Füssen

Explore one of Europe's last remaining wild river landscapes. The Lech flows around 125km from its source near the Formarinsee lake down to the Lechfall waterfall in Füssen, Allgäu. As you hike along the river, you will pass one of the largest colonies of ibex in Europe, cross the longest hanging pedestrian bridge in Austria and see the Bavarian royal castles – a truly unique outdoor experience.

Download the hiking map here!

Hike The Lechweg path – from the source to the falls
Distance 24 km
Altitude variation 2000 m

In contrast to many other Alpine climbs, the Lechweg path is designed to offer a medium-difficulty hike for which no Alpine hiking experience is required. You can tackle the stages in any order to complete a certain number of kilometres each day.

Take a look at the four-star Hotel Tannbergerhof! As you pass through Lech am Arlberg, you might like to call in to the Tannbergerhof to enjoy a pleasant break on the hotel's sun terrace!

Our Tannbergerhof tip: the Formarinsee is a beautiful mountain lake where you can (with a valid fishing pass from the Lech Zürs Tourismus information centre) enjoy a peaceful fishing expedition!

Children at a station with a balloon, seeking the answer to a puzzle.
Enjoy exciting adventures and puzzling riddles while hiking with your children

The Green Ring – a secret path of stories

This three-day, multi-stage hiking route leads over mountain ridges, through deep valleys and past waterfalls and Alpine meadows – following the trail of mysterious legends and ancient stories about the land and its people. This route is not just for nature enthusiasts, but also for those with an interest in culture. Children find this hike exciting too, as there are many mysterious and exciting adventures concealed along the way, just waiting to be discovered.

The Green Ring is the counterpart to the White Ring in winter, and both begin at the Rüfikopf!

Hike The Green Ring – a secret path of stories
Distance 22 km
Altitude variation 1460 m

Our tip: the Green Ring riddle trail encourages puzzle enthusiasts and families to put on their detective hats and explore the Arlberg!

The Tannberg – on the trail of the Walser peoples

This themed hike leads through the three Walser municipalities of Warth, Schröcken and Lech, following in the footsteps of the Walser people with 57 discovery stations sharing old Walser tales and 700-year-old Walser houses dotted across the beautiful mountain landscape. An absolute must for culture enthusiasts. The hike over the Tannberg can be divided into three separate routes:

Tannberg Tour 1

Hike The Tannberg – on the trail of the Walser peoples I
Distance 10.9 km
Altitude variation 645 m

The Tannberg tour 2

Hike The Tannberg – on the trail of the Walser peoples II
Distance 6.6 km
Altitude variation 515 m

Tannberg Tour 3

Hike The Tannberg – on the trail of the Walser peoples III
Distance 8.5 km
Altitude variation 640 m

Our tip: a highlight for all modern treasure hunters: geocaching on the Tannberg is loads of fun for the whole family!

Across the Wöstertäli to the waterfall

This family-friendly hike gives you the opportunity to get out of the sun on those hot summer days. The path leads through the Anger district and then up the mountain through the cool, shady forest as far as the refreshing Walkerbach stream. From there you can cross the pedestrian bridge and then take a short break at the Täli Alpine hut before continuing on to the waterfall.

Hike Across the Wöstertäli to the waterfall
Distance 4 km
Altitude variation 403 m

Our tip: the perfect place to stop for a break is your four-star Hotel Tannbergerhof!

Your hiking recommendation from Mr. Pfefferkorn: The Gipslöcher!

The Gipslöcher formation is a real spectacle of nature – the cave looks like the empty half of an eggshell. It is a gorgeous hike to the Gipslöcher via Oberlech and around the Karhorn to Bodenalpe Bürstegg. Bürstegg was formerly the highest Walser settlement in Vorarlberg – a particularly rewarding hiking destination and easy to get to!

You might like to combine your hike with a visit to the Schottenhof farm to see their shaggy-looking Scottish highland cattle. These animals are very important to the high Alps as they eat the grass in areas where farming machinery cannot go. Their weight helps to compact the ground and prevent avalanches during the winter.

Our tip: the Schottenhof is well worth a visit in either summer or winter!

The European watershed at the Flexen Pass:

the European watershed is located at an altitude of 1,773m, between the Danube, the Black Sea, the Rhine and the North Sea. The Flexen Pass connects the back of the Klostertal with the Lech valley at the highest point.

It is an astonishing natural masterpiece that reminds us that, in the end, we are all one – even if we see ourselves as separate and want to call ourselves individuals. Visit the European watershed at the Flexen Pass.

Our tip: a hike to the Flexen Pass is an equally attractive option for your winter holiday at the four-star Hotel Tannbergerhof!

You will find more great hiking routes listed here.

Choose the Austrian Alps for your hiking holiday and you're sure to be enchanted by the breathtaking mountain views. Send us your obligation-free enquiry today to confirm your dream holiday on the Arlberg.

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  • Exclusive mountain adventures: hiking in Lech am Arlberg
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  • An active holiday at the four-star Hotel Tannbergerhof
  • Fresh mountain air and sensational hikes
  • A hiking holiday close to your hotel
  • Plenty of hiking tours
  • Your hiking recommendation from Mr Pfefferkorn: “The Gipslöcher!"

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  • Upscale cuisine featuring local and international dishes
  • A multi-course gourmet set menu & à-la-carte dining in the centre of Lech
  • Seasonal highlights in an Alpine ambience
  • A tremendous breakfast buffet for the perfect start to your day
  • That's the taste of your gourmet holiday in Lech am Arlberg

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