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Exhilarating cycling tours on the Arlberg

Cycling in the Lech am Arlberg region

Are you looking for a truly outstanding cycling holiday? The Arlberg holiday region is just the place! Right in the middle is Lech, a village on the Arlberg offering everything you need for your adrenaline-filled cycling experience. The perfect accommodation choice for your summer adventure in Vorarlberg: the Tannbergerhof, your traditional four-star hotel right in the centre of Lech!

The loveliest cycling routes in Vorarlberg

Lech am Arlberg is the perfect base from which to explore the most beautiful routes and cycle paths in Vorarlberg. You will find a variety of cycling routes: along the shore of Lake Constance, through the stunning Montafon valley or simply exploring the mountain landscapes around the Arlberg. You can also cycle the international routes to Germany, Italy or Switzerland.

A 300km network of cycle paths for your outstanding cycling holiday in Austria

In Vorarlberg, the signposted network of cycle paths totals almost 300km and runs through several different regions. Routes run alongside roads, on paved tracks far from heavy traffic areas and on unpaved trails through the unique natural landscape of the mountains: there's definitely something here for everyone! A highlight of your holiday in Vorarlberg is the well-known Lake Constance cycle path. This 270-kilometre route is one of the most popular cycling tours in Europe.

Look forward to exploring a range of different cycling tours in Vorarlberg.

Racing-bike riding, mountain biking & downhill cycling

Cycling on the Arlberg is always a voyage of discovery – numerous cycling routes at all levels of difficulty will keep you keen to get out on your bike. Racing cyclists, mountain-bike riders & downhill enthusiasts will all find just what they need on the Arlberg.

At the four-star Hotel Tannbergerhof, you can enjoy an unforgettable cycling holiday in Lech.

Your bike services for an unforgettable holiday: guided tours to the most beautiful places in Lech, four electric mountain bikes available from your hotel, a lockable bike (and ski) storage cellar and a bicycle service directly opposite the Hotel Tannbergerhof in Lech am Arlberg!

NEW: Bike & Hike in Lech Zürs

The latest trend has made it to Lech am Arlberg, where you can now enjoy an exciting, beautiful and diverse Bike & Hike tour in the mountains. A day of hiking and cycling – either alternately or simply one after the other – is a treat for your body, and the wonderful natural landscapes of Vorarlberg are a delight for your eyes.

1. Lech – Freiburger hut – Roggelskopf (2,284m) On this tour, best explored with a guide, you will conquer 38 kilometres of trail and an altitude variation of 971 metres! Hikers should be surefooted and have a good head for heights.
2. Lech – Freiburger hut – Saladinaspitze (2,238m) This long Bike & Hike tour of the peaks features a breathtaking panoramic view of the mountains surrounding the source of the Lech river, including the Roten Wand, Verwall and even the Silvretta in the distance. The route is 35 kilometres long and the altitude ranges across 972m.
3. Lech – Formarinalpe and around the Formaletsch A long but entirely achievable "Bike & Hike" tour with fabulous views of the Steinernes Meer (Rocky Sea). At the end of the day, you will have conquered 32 kilometres and 667 metres of altitude!
Close-up view of a cyclist riding downhill in Lech
Action-packed adventure on our mountain-biking & downhill cycling tours

Bike-in, bike-out in the centre of Lech

Mountain bikers, downhill enthusiasts and electric mountain-bike riders will find that the Hotel Tannbergerhof in the centre of Lech is the perfect base for a cycling tour. Tackle the exciting trails in the Lech Bike Park or enjoy the magnificent landscapes when you turn your mountain bike away from the paved roads. The region around Lech contains plenty of marked mountain bike & downhill routes to ensure you have some action-packed descents. And if you occasionally like to swap your mountain bike for a racing bicycle, there are plenty of outstanding tours available for this as well.

Mountain biking on the Arlberg: the best tours for mountain-bike enthusiasts

The Burgwald trail

Duration 0:22 h
Distance 4,4 km
Difficulty moderate
Start valley station of the Oberlech mountain railway
End mountain station of the Petersboden railway

Around the Karhorn

Duration 6:00 hrs
Distance 23,7 km
Difficulty difficult
Start post office
End post office

The Two Valleys tour

Duration 4:15 h
Distance 32,5 km
Difficulty difficult
Start Klösterle on the Arlberg
End Klösterle on the Arlberg

A tour to the Nenzigast Alp

Duration 2:30 h
Distance 16,4 km
Difficulty moderate
Start Klösterle on the Arlberg
End Klösterle on the Arlberg

Ride your racing bike along a terrific range of routes

A racing-bike rider cycles down the road near a field of maize
Steep mountain pass roads, long descents and unforgettable panoramic views for your racing bike expedition

Are you a passionate cycling enthusiast looking for a real challenge amongst the available routes? Do you prefer carbon over an aluminium frame? Are you training for an ambitious cycling race and need to complete more training units with different pulse frequencies? Or do you simply like to ride fast while enjoying being out in nature? No matter what kind of cyclist you are, Vorarlberg has the perfect routes on offer for your unforgettable summer cycling holiday.

The most beautiful cycling racetracks in Vorarlberg

Lech am Arlberg, surrounded by the majestic Alps, is close to every region in Vorarlberg. It is a unique location, and the perfect choice for a holiday with your racing bike. You can look forward to winding mountain pass roads in excellent condition, long mountain roads with spectacular views and long descents on which to practice your perfect curves. The region also contains an extensive network of trails for your basic training needs. We need hardly add that there are also plenty of places to enjoy a pleasant break where you can rest and replenish your strength between race units.

Racing bike tours around Lech

Explore the range of racing bike tours around Lech:

The Four Passes tour

Duration 9 h
Distance 200 km
Ascent 3,900 m
Descent 3,900 m
Difficulty difficult
Start Tannheim
Destination Tannheim
Route description Tanheim – Nässelwängle – Weissenbach – Warth – Lech – Zürs – Flexenpass –
Alpe Rauz – Arlbergpass – St. Christoph – St. Anton – Landeck – Zams –
Imst – Hahntennjoch – Elmen – Weissenbach - Tannheim

Mountains surrounding the source of the Lech river

Duration 7.5 h
Distance 111 km
Ascent 2,551 m
Descent 2,551 m
Difficulty difficult
Start Damüls Uga car park
Destination Damüls Uga car park
Route description Damüls – Faschina – Fontanella – Sonntag – Raggal – Ludesch – Nüziders –
Bludenz – Braz – Dalaas – Wald – Klösterle – Stuben – Zürs – Lech –
Warth – Schröcken – Schoppernau – Au – Damüls

A section of the cycling marathon

Duration 10 h
Distance 225 km
Ascent 2,940 m
Descent 2,940 m
Difficulty difficult
Start Tannheim Tourist Information Centre
Destination Tannheim Tourist Information Centre
Route description Tannheim – Pfronten – Reutte – Lechaschau – Höfen – Weissenbach – Warth –
Lech – Zürs – Flexenpass – Alpe Rauz – Arlbergpass – St. Christoph –
St. Anton – Landeck – Imst – Hahntennjoch – Boden – Bschlabs – Elmen –
Reutte – Weissenbach – Tannheim

The Mellau Tour

Duration 6 h
Distance 167 km
Ascent 2,664 m
Descent 2,664 m
Difficulty difficult
Start centre of Mellau
Destination centre of Mellau
Route description Mellau – Vorsäss Enge – Hirschau – Schnepfau – Au – Schoppernau –
Hochtannbergpass – Warth – Lech – Flexenpass – Klostertal – Bludenz –
Ludesch – Schlins – Röns – Satteins – Übersaxen – Rankweil – Röthis –
Viktorsberg – Klaus – Götzis – Hohenems – Dornbirn – Alberschwende –
Müselbach – Egg – Andelsbuch – Bersbuch – Reuthe – Mellau

Experience an unforgettable racing-bike holiday at the Hotel Tannbergerhof in Lech. There's no more central location from which to begin your cycling experience! Send us your obligation-free enquiry for a cycling holiday in Lech am Arlberg or book directly online.

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  • Your hiking recommendation from Mr Pfefferkorn: “The Gipslöcher!"

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  • That's the taste of your gourmet holiday in Lech am Arlberg

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