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3. Snow and Safety Conference from 5th - 7th December 2014

Safety first!

With 200 kilometers of high-alpine deep-snow pistes the Arlberg belongs to the most in-demand freeride hotspots in europe for all skiers and snowboarders. The ultimate „powder-fun“ apart from the prepared pistes implies a dutiful attitude towards the possible risks. The top-class casted 3rd SNOW & SAFETY CONFERENCE – taking place from 5th to 7th December 2014 – underlines the competence of Lech Zürs as a pioneer of responsible winter sport. In numerous speeches, workshops and discussions interrested people got the chance to get a lot of information about „avalanche protection and snow safety“.

Source: Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Source: Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Source: Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Source: Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Source: Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Source: Tourism Board Lech-Zürs


A wonderful winterstart at Lech Zürs on December 5th 2014!

December 5th: Lenai & Linai Street Fashion Show
Get a peek on fashion inspired by the mountain at a fashion show in front of the Lenai & Linai Store and then browse through the collection of the local fashion house.

December 5th: 5/8erl in Ehr’n
The 5 / 8erl in Ehr'n bring their new album "Yes we do" to Lech Zürs and present an afternoon with Vienna Soul at a first class live concert as part of the initial publication of the Tanzcafé Arlberg CD compilation.

December 5th – 7th: Snow & Safety Conference 2014
Detailed information about the conference, the speakers, the program and for registration can be found at

December 8th – 12th: Race Days Zürs
The Race Days offer ambitious amateur racers to improve their skills again. Together with trained instructors of the ski school Zürs you train on specially closed race tracks. In the afternoon there is video analyses of the training before. To conclude, there is a race among all participants.

December 12th – 13th: Cineastic Gondolas
Animated Shortfilmfestival, Visual Art & Music For one evening, the gondolas of the Rüfikopf cable car become cinemas, the snowy mountains and peaks become natural big screens and the top and base stations will merge together into a single work of art.The unique ...


The summerly hours have come to an end, autumn time now found its way to Lech and wraps our town in its colourful coat. For us it’s also the time to slow down, relax a little bit and look back to the weeks and months that have passed. We definitely can say it has been a wonderful summer season, that’s why we want to say thank you to all of you. You’re part of the reason why our house has become a home and why we have so many great new memories. Thanks for everything – we’ll be back on December 12th 2014 for a winter season in Lech as it used to be!

Best wishes and see you soon,
Denny Noé und das gesamte Team vom Tannbergerhof

Denny Noe_Hoteldirektor_Tannbergerhof
Tina Karner_Chef de Reception_Tannbergerhof
Seppi Weissofner_Chef de Bar_Tannbergerhof

Discovering the Rüfikopf Cable Cars

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the cable cars that take you to the summit day by day? In Lech you’ll find the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. Qualified employees are there to inform you about technology, environment, energy and so on.

What is the altitude difference a cable car attendant covers in a year? How many P.S. are necessary to move a full cable car tot he summit? How many working hours are invested in safety in the summer? Why are 23 scottish highland cows on the summit?

You’ll find answers to these and many other questions every Wednesday from 2:45 pm to 4:30 pm – meeting place is the entrance of the Rüfikopf valley station in Lech. Have fun!

The White Ring 2015

The most traditional Arlberg ski competition will also take place in the upcoming winter season on January 17th 2015. Once more the „Wihte Ring“ will fascinate all those who will attend this unique challenge. From September 15th to September 28th the online registration is possible, the assignment will take place on October 7th. One day before the „White Ring“ there’s the well-known „Speed-Race“ in Zürs, at which one needs to achieve the highest speed rather than the best time to win the race.

We wish you good luck at the race or great fun watching it!


The Festival LegeArtis Lech will be held for the 3rd time. From 10 – 14 September 2014 concert in the middle of the Alps will fascinate the audience from Lech and abroad. Baroque music, classic, romantic, modern music and even Sswing and jazz will show a huge variety of our musical heritag. Recitals, music cabaret, chamber music and orchestra concerts with soloists and bib band brass sound will bring a colourful mix to Lech and will make the festival very special and unique in this area. The programme includes artists as Pepe Lienhard his Big Band and the voices, Aleksey Igudesmann, Asya Sorshneva, Vadym Kholodenko, Stefan Vladar, Apollon Musagète Quartett and the Wiener Kammerorchester. Save the date!

Sweet Sounds with Musikverein Schnepfau

When & Where

  • Sunday, 24th August 2014, 11 am
  • Panoramic Restaurant at Rüfikopf top station
Picture Source: Tourism Board Lech Zürs
Picture Source: Tourism Board Lech Zürs
The Vorarlberg brass band society celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2014.
And, of course, we will also be joining in the celebrations in Lech am Arlberg. On 6th July and 17th August, visitors to Lech will have the pleasure of experiencing a very special brass band concert. The musicians are looking forward to seeing lots of you there.

That was the 12th height-half-marathon

The 12th edition of or great run in Lech ended with Kenyan victories. But actually everyone who participated is a winner, because the weather didn’t make it easy for all the runners. When the race started we had to cope with 5 degrees Celcius and at the peak of the trail one or another snowflake had been seen!
A felicitous race with weather obstacles - we congratulate everyone who participated! Here are the minimum times:

1. Lucy Wamburi Murugi (KEN) 1;47:11,0
2. Heidrun Besler (GER) 2:02:48,4
3. Andrea Rauch-Feurstein (AUT/V) 2:02:59,2
1. Henry Kimani Mukuria (KEN) 1:31:42,7
2. Peter Chege Wangari (KEN) 1:31:49,1
3. Samuel Njeru Karani (KEN) 1:34:33,1

Fitness run (13 km)
1. Iris Bruse (GER) 1:26,49,4 Stunden
2. Vera Hirsch (AUT) 1:28:57,2
3. Katrin Fleischer (GER) 1:31:15,1
1. Jodok Feurstein (AUT/V) 1:09:28,2
2. Balint Pap (HUN) 1:13:20,7
3. Andreas Howorek (GER) 1:16:50,7

Children‘s run (1500 m)
1. Maren Bruse (GER) 8:26,7 Minuten
2. Luisa Schippers (GER) 9:56,2
3. Hannah Schippers (GER) 10:04,7
1. Maik Bruse (GER) 7:13,6
2. Tom Mattoni (FRA) 8:11,9
3. Jonas Faisst (AUT/V) 8:29,5

Source: TVB Lech Zürs
Source: TVB Lech Zürs
Source: TVB Lech Zürs
Source: TVB Lech Zürs
Source: TVB Lech Zürs
Source: TVB Lech Zürs

Lech Classic Music Festival

From 4. to 9. August 2014 the music festival offers a varied programme which will not only include traditional, but also unconventional content. Gospel and Spirituals are in a contrast to opera and top-class solo concerts including international artists.
More information: Lech Classic Music Festival
Source: TVB Lech-Zürs

Pictures provided by Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures provided by Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures provided by Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures provided by Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures provided by Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures provided by Tourism Board Lech-Zürs

The green riddle ring

The green riddle ring
The green riddle ring
The green ring, a three day hiking trail full of surprising insights into the world of modern tales, gained a little extension: the green riddle ring. We recommend this as an exciting family trip at which one shall find the most precious goods of our planet at 14 stations. The grand opening takes place on July 19th 2014. More information at
Source: TVB Lech Zürs

The Monroes - at the Tannbergerhof!

From the stage inspire unchanged Hanno Pinter, Alex Zoppel, Andreas Mager and David Breznik and their uncompromising sound; handmade, honest and genuine. The vibrating bass, the character guitar, driving drums, the distinctive voice - all this will not be just the ears, but it goes to the heart also. It is just there, a good feeling is spreading immediately, because you can feel: THE MONROES have remained true to themselves.

THE MONROES are with us at Tannbergerhof next Sunday - Elvis sends his regards!


Sister Resort Party

Event Details

  • Saturday, 4th April 2014
  • 8 pm
  • Sports Park Lech

The partnership Festival "Sister Resort Party" on 5th April 2014 in sport.park.lech is the highlight of the annual meeting of the Lech’s partner locations, attended by representatives from Beaver Creek in United States, Hakuba Happo in Japan and Kampen on Sylt. In the center of the culinary specialities from three continents are accompanied with jazz music by Tony Gulizia, Joey Gulizia and Roger Neumann. During the evening the best winemaker of the new Lech Wine Festival will be announced.

Pictures: Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures: Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures: Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures: Tourism Board Lech-Zürs

Tanzcafe Arlberg

Après-ski as it was back in the days - let's finish your ski day with style - from 30th March to 13th April 2014!

We wake up to the après-ski with retro feeling atmosphere like in the good old days. 17 high-profile artists such as Joja Wendt, 5/8terl play in Ehr'n, Mr. Tischbein, Wouter Hamel and Louie Austen will be performing from 30th March to 13th April 2014 live at the "Tanzafé Arlberg" and provide on the sun terraces of the hotels and huts in the ski area with swing, jazz, soul and rock'n roll for a stylish and nostalgic conclusion of an enjoyable winter sport day.

Pictures provided by Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures provided by Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures provided by Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures provided by Tourism Board Lech-Zürs

International Austrian Skiing Championship in Lech-Zürs!

Lech-Zürs has been selected together with the Ski Club Arlberg as the venue for the International Austrian Alpine Skiing Championships from 24th to 27th March 2014!

The Austrian national team with their Olympic participants (like Olympic champion Matthias Mayer) will solve the Austrian champion 2014 in the Downhill and Super-G. All ski fans are welcome as spectators of course and we look forward to exciting contests at the Arlberg!

Pictures from Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures from Tourism Board Lech-Zürs
Pictures from Tourism Board Lech-Zürs

Snowboard and Freestyle

Lech Zürs at Arlberg also offers snowboarders and freestylers the best opportunities to indulge their passion. On the Schlegelkopf, the 1,600 m high Lech snowpark, which continues to grow and offer ever more professional facilities, gets snowboarders' and freestylers' pulses racing. The Lech snowpark offers something for every skill level, whether you're at the beginner, advanced or pro level, there's something for everyone here. There are 20 obstacles in an area of 3.6 hectares, divided into an Easy Line, Medium Line and Pro Line, which are prepared and "shaped" on a daily basis. The snowpark can be found right in the middle of the Schlegelkopf ,which means it is easy to access and you can get your first view of it from the Schlegelkopf lift, which also offers a wonderful view over Lech.

After a day on the slopes...

...a successful evening finale should not be missed, of course! The Ice Bar in front of the Hotel Tannbergerhof offers the best opportunity for this. Every day we serve you ice cold and of course hot drinks also with best atmosphere and great music! We are looking forward to round off a great skiing day with you.

Wolfang Frank LIVE IN TANNBERGERHOF - Your Hotel in Lech!

Charming, explosive and sensitive, but also full of power... with his distinctive voice and virtuoso guitar playing Wolfgang Frank offers the audience a musical journey through the past decades. Highest level of professionalism in his stage shows guarantee to make any event an unforgettable experience.

You got the chance to see Wolfgang Frank at the following dates:

  • 18th February (Tu)
  • 19th February (We)
  • 25th February (Tu)
  • 3rd March (Tu)
  • 4th March (We)

Wolfgang Frank in Action at ourTannbergerhof-Bar...

Hotelbar im Tannbergerhof_Lech am Arlberg

12th Lech High Altitude Half Marathon

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